Monogamy Is Encouraged

by Piano

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Calum McMillan
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Calum McMillan Piano are awesome. This debut EP was a much different beast from what they become, and it doesn't sound great production wise, but I dig some of the ideas a whole lot. Favorite track: Voyeur.
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    Zestone Records (Japan), 2005

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released January 5, 2005


tags: rock 神戸市


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Piano 神戸市, Japan


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Track Name: The Intended and The World Well Lost
Such class

Three little words

Desperate for Newport Beach
No playground pacts
Chaucer dictates my next action…reach middle age

Stop reminiscing because it makes me shiver and drip

How to judge, how to judge?
Doting five or tasty rack?

Every pop princess and beauty starlet is fucking me over

Bitch, I found it going too damn well
She held the benchmark too damn high to call it puppy love

Digest or dictate?

The stigma of three little words
Could you stigmatize three little words any more?
Soap opera digest has lead to abusive use of status quo
As Mr. Hicks once said: “From your heart”

Two strikes you’re out

I could pull you into this closet - nothing to write home about

Desperate for Newport Beach
Cute montage
Chaucer dictates

You bitch, I found the benchmark’s just too high
Track Name: Voyeur
Free-range produce makes for complex wedding ties
Pale fur
It’s that constricting morning (mourning) when Feng-Shui takes a beating
It swings more than a pendulum
Too much thinking? Doubt it

How thoroughly spiffing seeing you here at this joyous occasion
Meats are served and the guests are tucking in
The meats are served and the guests are tucking in

Angle of that shred
Demin threads, swaying, drag my spirit over the threshold

Sorry to be such a bother sir, but this camera is losing…beep, beep, fuck

Olives, feeding, Pimms
Olives, greed, grasping
Hungry and bloated

Sorry to be such a bother, sir

Busted fingering your new outro

How thoroughly spiffing seeing you here at this joyous occasion
Mind waddles on
Van Gogh never created over coffee, ever

Glad now that’s over
Let’s cut the cake and pose for family albums
Then we’ll cry

Breath stalling
Clothes tearing
Pulling back your hair
Sign on this paper tether
Lust burns everywhere
Track Name: Narrative Spells Infatuation Shocker
12AM, smoky glow
Shimmer silhouettes on the floor

Still though you are
Still though you are

Lady Athena lies in king crimson

Flawed by this horoscope omission
A retinal hologram

Marble girl’s tears
Dry lips, kissed dry
Mixed breath a foundation

This is our quality time
Still though you are

Foetal posture of the fairer one
Heels, skirt, the whole works
Exhibit: serenity
Captivating, but without a signature

Time spent longing at lovers made me want you


Annul this horoscope omission
Let down
Exhausting ethical arrest
Left to my discretion

Orestes epiphany came
And he loathed betrayal, blaming the choice
Through words that we choose to delay, true association is found

Still though you are
Track Name: Free Association Imagery
And so hand me that raincoat, muse
A familiar ship steals away
Whilst digging up this night from islands of steam

The resonance reminds me of warm-breathing snow stories and campfire tales

Brain synapse means vocals chords

Psychiatric implications of you
Haven’t we heard that before?
What’s more original?

Brain synapse means vocal chords

Hope shines
With every late entrance there’s another piece of nape
Shame about the figure
Show me that winning smile and shake up our snow stories
We’re so in love

Etched deep on a sailor’s breast
In theory, don’t trust in excess
Forearm fingerprints entwined

On the verge

It’s the way you wear that dress
You star

Shameless fucking whore
Track Name: Becoming a Novel
Madam I am here
What is your will?
This man seeks you for his love

Tinted scales
Hinted smiles
An eye caught in waterscape frame

Across the room
Will you now deny to dance?
That’s my line

This time Jack has nothing to do with it
Sink in to white t-shirts and wooden slats
It’s both her hands in your hair

Moon-singers’ poetry competes

I still need summer
I still need some of her today

Stop pointing in dance
Share more than cheeks

Paris’ face, flickering
In slow-mo art he’s keeping mute
So long

A few acts in and we’re already here

It’s the scene
The elevator scene
Embrace held all their lives
Black and white dictate the fate of my mistake
I’m synonyms for blushing

Moon-singers’ poetry competes

I still need summer
I still need some of her today

With their emblem on the door and purest light inside
Freeze frame
The elevator scene

There’s no change to this freeze frame
Track Name: Apparently it's Apathy
Gathered notes
Two tongued throats
Hiding in a literary world

Sly incognito
Teaming with the girl to build some stronger foundations
Is this why it’s so hard to focus?
Or just your low-cut clothes

Just stand there

Content in a rocking chair with experiences like the friction of skin
When two syllables does us fine

Breathe in charcoal glances
Widen this skyline
Beyond three days dry
Sunsets bore me when you’re in the way

Go see this band - oh you already have
They’re my outsider vision
They all want vulnerability
Is this static or chemistry?

Elaborate? I’d really rather not
Here’s the tick in our fourth-week box
Whatever sleeve I’m chewing afterwards I can’t believe that I’ve just seen you

Cry, go on, cry

Cloak her up and pierce that chastity belt with words I’ve never heard before

Down the hill, it’s pretty easy that way
Only a push and gravity

Keep it coming, we can take it now
Hands cleans

Content in a rocking chair with experiences like the friction of skin
When two syllables does us fine

Palm to palm
Holy agnostic’s kiss